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Best Hashtags for Handmade Businesses

Finding the right hashtags to use on Instagram for your handmade business can be a challenge. There are billions of tags to choose from, and endless opportunities to reach potential customers.

As the owner of a handmade business, I've experienced this struggle firsthand but have learned which tags to keep in my back pocket.

I've rounded up the best hashtags for handmade businesses below and sorted them by category to make your busy #makerlife easier. Keep reading to discover some fresh new tags to add to your Instagram posts!

Instagram hashtags for handmade businesses

These tag suggestions are filled with the most popular hashtags for handmade businesses. Use them in your posts to help new customers discover your creations and become a part of the growing online maker community!

Instagram hashtags for Etsy sellers

Etsy has a massive community on Instagram, and there are many tags to consider for your posts. Some tags are general, such as #etsyseller or #etsyshop, while others are more specific to your niche, such as #etsyartist and #etsyjewelry.

You can get even more specific with your tags if you're hosting a sale or promotion. Some accounts on Instagram are dedicated to promoting Etsy sellers and their listings, so definitely keep an eye out for those and use their hashtags to expand your reach!

Instagram hashtags for jewellery makers

I have a bit of an advantage here since I own a creative business making handmade jewellery ⁠— check out my shop! So when it comes to hashtags for jewellery makers, I'm a bit of pro.

I recommend including a few hashtags specific to the style you make, such as #clayearrings or #sterlingsilverjewelry, and adding some more general tags, too.

Instagram hashtags for knitters & crocheters

Whether you're looking for inspiration for your next knitting project or sharing your latest work, the knitting and crocheting community on Instagram is a big one, and there are many tags to discover.

Instagram hashtags for soap & skincare makers

The self-care game is strong on Instagram, and people are always on the lookout for beautiful, handmade skincare and soap products to treat themselves or loved ones.

Depending on your process and the type of ingredients you use, like all-natural or vegan, you'll want to add specific tags along with a few of these trending ones.

Instagram hashtags for artists & illustrators

Whether you create paintings, hand-drawn illustrations or digital art, this hashtag group is for you! I recommend always adding general hashtags, as you'll find below, and tags that are unique to your niche, such as the materials you use and the theme or subject of your creation.

Instagram hashtags for children's clothing

The children's clothing community is a big one. To get in front of the right customers, you'll want to make sure you're using the best hashtags. Consider your niche: are you using sustainable fabrics? Are you creating minimalistic pieces?

When choosing which tags to use for your children's clothing line, think about what your ideal customer is shopping for and choose from there.

Hopefully, you've found some useful hashtags for your handmade business that you can use to optimize your posts. There are thousands of more tags to discover, so take some time to explore your niche and find what works best for you and your band.

Are there any other categories you'd like me to add for your handmade business? Comment below and I'll feature some of the most requested categories!


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