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Tips to Boost Your Instagram Bio

Got a minute? Boost your Instagram bio in five minutes or less!

Today, your Instagram profile not only showcases your business online, it acts as a digital business card and provides all of the information a potential client needs to form their first opinion.

If they're left unsure about what you do or how you can help them, the likelihood of them tapping follow or checking out your website is slim.

Here are six easy tips to boost your Instagram bio now to get more leads later.

1. Switch to an Instagram Business account.

If you're still using Instagram like the average user, you're missing out on FREE tools to optimize your profile. Not only does it allow you to see valuable data on your audience, but you can also add action buttons.

Go to your settings, tap account and switch to a business account — like right now!

2. Choose the right profile picture.

Your Instagram profile photo is used throughout the platform, so it should be something that grabs a user's attention or can easily identify your biz. A great go-to is your logo or a professional headshot.

3. Don't just use your business name.

The name spot is the first text that is searchable on Instagram, so while you instinctually may just put the name of your business, consider what potential customers may be searching for. If you're a local ice cream parlour, consider putting "Ottawa Ice Cream Shop" instead of your business name.

4. Optimize your bio text to the max.

With only 150 characters to tell your story, be concise and provide info on what you do and how you can help a potential client. Include your business name if you didn't in the name slot and an outline of how you can help.

5. Include a call to action.

The last line of your bio should be a call to action. What do you want people to do when they land on your page? Invite users to visit your website, download a freebie or sign up for your newsletter.

6. Use an accurate link.

If your call to action is to visit your website, the link in your bio should lead them there. The same goes for if you've asked them to sign up for your newsletter. Don't assume that a general link to your website will be enough. Lead your potential customer exactly where you want them.

Now you mean business. ⚡


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